Hi there I'm Riley, and my nickname is RiRi, my friends call me that, so I won't mind if ya do to! And I love be my princess, AKA: voltage inc game.... (P.S: ROBERTO BUTTON IS A SEXY BEAST!!)

Les just say that I love Minecraft,

I also have a minecraft blog of my own



(Favorite youtuber: SkyDoesMinecraft.)

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Unfortunately I cannot pick just one favorite cg of Roberto’s, I have too many. The very first one being one of my top favorites as it’s my display picture and has been since I been using tumblr. Roberto shows so many different expressions in his cgs. His eyes are full of love and kindness and in that last cg he is holding on to mc like she is the most precious thing in the world to him and doesn’t want to lose her. And his happy/surprised expression when he gets the chocolate muffins is just too cute. I think Roberto will always be my top voltage man. I love how in one of the cgs there are pictures of him kissing the mc too. And he can be so serious when he needs to be and so carefree and happy other times. And his grandson is just as adorable and funny as he is. What can I say, I love the Button genes. I know Roberto doesn’t have the best cgs as some of the others but I still love the ones we got. I just wish he got more topless ones… I’m not asking for too much…Right…?


Made a edit/video because I love Ross Lynch 😨😳😊☺️😚😘😍❤️💋

Hey! (I am going around asking people the same question so don't worry your not the only one ^-^) If a Zombie Apocalypse should come, what would you do?

..I guess try to survive… XD